amaro di chianciano


Amaro Chianciano is made from a blend of 34 herbs and
medicinal plants left to macerate before being distilled. A natural product, with an aromatic richness, it maintains
without any intervention all of the healthy characteristics
that are to be found in the original ingredients. The result
is an unmistakably pleasant sweet-bitter taste. Low in alcohol, only 16%, Amaro Chianciano is a modern drink
that is both versatile and pleasing. Perfect for after dinner, it can be served with or without ice.

  Amaro di Chianciano
CL. 70
Alcohol content: 16
Serving temperature: 14° C
Color: dark brown
Flavor: pleasing, with a sweet-bitter balance
 Amaro di Chianciano
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One of the most apreciated italian
liqueur. You can taste its real flavour
with the Santoni’s recipe, that combines
the best almond’s oil with the most
aromatic spices.

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