grappa di chianti


This is a young grappa (a grape-based pomace brandy) produced from a single Sangiovese grapevine. Its special distillation in copper boilers, following aging in stainlesssteel barrels for a period of 6 months, brings out the characteristic qualities found in this particular grape, thus giving Chianti Grappa its unmistakable bouquet of aromas with a scent that is at once distinct and long lasting.


  Grappa di Chianti
CL. 70
Alcohol content: 40
Serving temperature: 12° C
Color: crystal clear
Flavor: fresh, distinct and refined
 Grappa di Chianti



Amaro Chianciano is made from a blend of
34 herbs and medicinal plants. The result is an
unmistakably pleasant sweet-bitter taste.

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quality has deep roots
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